Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Problem with long boss encounters...

To be completely honest, I enjoy long boss encounters.

I love having to manage mana to make it last upwards of 7-10 minutes... I enjoy utilizing ability cooldowns to their max potential... and I truly enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you overcome a long and challenging boss.

What I do not enjoy, is having to find music for the FRAPS video for long boss encounters. -.-

I enjoy recording the videos for our guild, and I enjoy not using that boring techno that many videos use... but picking out music is not as easy as one may think. First, the music has to fit into the time of the video. If it's too short, you either have "dead air" or you have to fill it with another track. The more tracks you have, the more likely you are to pick something that Youtube doesn't agree with, and have it muted once it's uploaded. If you pick something too long, it either gets cut off (which bugs the hell outta me) or you have "dead air" at the end of your video.

Our guild got Putricide last night, and it was epic, and incredibly fun. I even treated my guildies with the sandbox tiger after the boss went down. Now tonight I am having difficulties finding music long enough to fit the video.

The video is 7:38, and the closest I got was 7:05 for stuff I haven't used yet... so there's some boring dead air in the vid... but not so much that it's too annoying... in my opinion, anyway.

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