Monday, July 19, 2010

T-Minus... 8 days...

...Until StarCraft II.

I realize that most of the past posts on this blog have been WoW related, but come on... it's friggin' StarCraft II.

I haven't been this excited about a new game release since the Diablo II release ten years ago.

I've been playing the SC2 beta for months now (it recently started back up again), and in my opinion, it's awesome. Keep in mind that I was a HUGE SC1 fan, and I'm still pretty confident that my hours spent playing SC1 still outnumber the hours I've spent playing WoW (which is no small number).

I can't decide though, whether or not my excitement about the upcoming release and my enjoyment I've had playing the beta is due to the game being great, or me simply "missing" playing that type of game.

Up until very recently (I stopped playing WoW a few weeks ago), my gaming focus had remained solely on WoW. Granted, there were a few single player games here and there that caught my attention for short periods (Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, etc.) but nothing that I "stuck" with like WoW. It has been very refreshing "catching up" on some of the games I've missed while focusing so much on WoW, and I think part of my excitement and enjoyment in SC2 is due to the same reasons....

It's something different than WoW. I'm not saying that WoW is a bad game, it is just that sometimes you don't know how fresh the air outside is until you finally realize how stale the air inside has become... and SC2 is a breath of fresh air.

Aside from enjoying the different type of gameplay from WoW, I have also re-connected with some of the friends I spent all those hours playing SC1 with while playing the SC2 beta. Not all of the buddies I played SC1 with were into WoW, so over the past few years, we kind of drifted apart. It has been enjoyable getting back in touch with them and getting back into the swing of things with a new RTS.

I'm also excited about the new changes. I haven't had much to say on the whole "RealID" issue, since I haven't been playing WoW and it hasn't really affected me. I'm not going to comment either way on the whole RealID on the forums thing, but I feel that RealID for cross-game chat is an awesome feature. It will (hopefully) allow me to keep in touch with my WoW friends who aren't into RTS games like StarCraft, so I don't drift away from them like I did with my SC friends when WoW was released.

I'm extremely excited about the SC2 single player campaign, and from what I've heard, it's going to be epic.

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